Unnatural Deadly Truth.

Anonymous asked: Well guess he's an ex for a reason. Em I right errrr?

Yeah cuz I broke up with him.

Anonymous asked: just for science, nothing more ;)

Not sure if this is the same anon that always says for science or different ones. Lol

Anonymous asked: You're ugly af!!! With nasty ass yellow teeth.

Eh I embrace it, cunt

Anonymous asked: dont know who asked that but, let me be the judge of that then ;)

Nah I’m good I have someone amazin (:

Anonymous asked: Probably the wrong hole then!

No xDD

Anonymous asked: You have a gaping vagina hole.

Righhht. Would you like to message my ex and ask how hard it is to get his dick in me? Lol because I’m pretty tight(;

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me when someone keeps making jokes about something that im really passionate about


Via I will break free.

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Started this little one today. Excited to finish it!

Dan Hartley

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